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District of Logan Lake Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are open to the public and are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, commencing at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers, located at #1 Opal Drive in the Municipal Office.

Should you wish to appear as a delegation at a Regular Council Meeting please submit a Delegation Request form to the Director of Corporate Affairs at the Municipal Office, #1 Opal Drive or via email at prior to 1:00 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the Meeting. If you have any questions, please call the Director of Corporate Affairs at 250.523.6225 ext. 230.

2020 Schedule of Regular Council Meetings

2020 Committees and Other Appointments

  * Please note:  The two Documents below are related to appearing as a Delegation to a Regular Council Meeting

Council Procedures Bylaw 831, 2018

Delegation Request Form


Regular Council Meeting Agendas

Agendas for Regular Council meetings are prepared and posted the Friday before the scheduled meeting and for Committee of the Whole, Special, or InCamera meetings, 24 hours prior to the meeting.  The deadline for public submissions to a Regular Council Meeting agenda is the Thursday before the meeting. Please deliver submissions to the Municipal Office at #1 Opal Drive, or by mail to Box 190, Logan Lake, BC  V0K 1W0, or by fax at 250.523.6678 or by email to

Please click here to view Regular Council Meeting Agendas


Regular Council Meeting Minutes

Please click here to view Regular Council Meeting Minutes


Committee of the Whole Meetings

Committee of the Whole meetings are meetings called by the Mayor, and include all members of Council.  Committee of the Whole Meetings allow a Council to review and discuss topics in depth, and make recommendations only, to a formal “Regular” or “Special” meeting of the Council. Public notice of a Committee of the Whole meeting is required in advance and these meetings may or may not be open to the public.

Please click here to view posted agendas.

Special Council Meetings

A Special Council meeting is a meeting called in addition to the annual Regular scheduled meetings and can be a meeting that is open or closed to the public.  A 24-hour notice period is required for Council to conduct a Special meeting, unless waived under Section 127 (4) of the Community Charter.

InCamera Council Meetings

InCamera Council meetings, also known as ‘closed meetings’, are meetings of a confidential nature that the public are not permitted to attend and can only be held pursuant to the regulations outlined under Section 90 of the Community Charter.



Council Highlights

Council Highlights:
Regular Council Meeting - March 10, 2020


1.       Council endorsed the appointments of Mr. Dave Prentice and Mr. Bob Van Tongeren as board members of the Logan Lake Community Forest Corporation;

2.       Council approved that staff send a follow-up letter to the Ministry of Citizens' Services regarding work the District has done to date advocating for improvements to the District's Broadband Connectivity; and that follow-up support from the Ministry would be appreciated to move forward; and that Council will not relinquish its TV Rebroadcasting Rights;

3.       Council approved a letter be sent to Berni Easson, Interior Health Authority wishing her best wishes in her retirement; and to Clinical Operations, Community and Primary Care for the Thompson & South Cariboo Region welcoming the new Director of Clinical Operations;

4.       Council approved a letter be sent to Geoff Brick, General Manager, Teck Highland Valley Copper wishing him best wishes in his retirement;

5.       Council referred the Logan Lake Wellness, Health and Youth Society funding request for $75,000 per year for 2020-2021 to Final Budget;

6.       Council forwarded a revised Municipal Hall Finishing Touches report to Final Budget;

7.       Council forwarded the New Solid Waste Collection Truck report from the Director of Public Works and Recreation to Final Budget;

8.       Council approved up to $20,000 in 2020 to facilitate the development of the Public Works Yard and facilities concept improvement plan;

9.       Council forwarded the report from the Director of Public Works and Recreation regarding Rec Centre Plant Room Structural Repairs and Roof Replacement to Final Budget;

10.   Council forwarded the report from the Director of Public Works and Recreation regarding Spawning Channel Operations Improvements to a Committee of the Whole meeting;

11.   Council approved $5,000 in 2020 to prepare an expression of interest for proposals for the coordination of an effective invasive plant strategy to address Knapweed invasion;

12.   Council forwarded the report from the Director of Public Works and Recreation, regarding Tennis Court Rehabilitation to Final Budget;

13.   Council approved District staff to obtain a legal opinion on liability regarding the exiting stairwells as they relate to building and fire codes and the risk of continuing rental of the Recreation Centre Upper Lounge;

14.   Council approved the Community Development Officer prepare a survey at the campground for the 2020 season regarding rental equipment to be utilized on the Lake;

15.   Council forwarded to Final Budget, $20,000 to engage with a preliminary plan design of the Campground Road entrance to the Golf Course, including a preliminary cost estimate, subject to review of information presented by the Meadow Creek Golf Course designates;

16.   Council forwarded to Final Budget, $20,000 to develop a way finding (including electronic) signage program;

17.   Council approved the Economic Development, Trails, and Tourism Committee have a budget of $15,000 for Marketing and Advertising;

18.   Council authorized the calling of a Public Hearing to consider amending the District of Logan Lake Zoning Bylaw No. 675, 2010, regarding Secondary Suites;

19.   Council adopted Five Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 855, 2020; and

20.   Council approved in principle the Grant-in-Aid request from the Logan Lake Lacrosse Association.

Regular Council Meeting - March 24, 2020

1.       Council cancelled the April 7, 2020 Regular Council Meeting;

2.       Council authorized Administration to award preparation of the Logan Lake Connectivity Plan to Tanex Engineering at a cost not to exceed $20,000, subject to successful receipt of a grant application to Northern Development Initiative Trust; Pending successful grant funding, up to an additional $5,000 be allocated from the Economic Diversification Reserve Fund to be used to complete the Connectivity Plan; and

3.       Council adopted Travel Expenses and Council Remuneration Bylaw No. 856, 2020.

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