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The Community Charter, Sections 146 to 150 defines ‘Officer and Employees’ and outlines their powers, duties and functions. One of its statutory positions is the Financial Officer, who is responsible for financial administration of the municipality.

The primary function of the Financial Administration Department is to ensure the financial well-being of the municipality. This department is responsible for those statutory duties set out in the Local Government Act and the Community Charter and provides the necessary advice and support to Council to ensure the District is able to meet Council’s service expectations.

Specific responsibilities of the Finance Department include the following:

  • Property tax and utility preparation and collection;
  • Budgeting and long term financial planning;
  • Financial management, reporting, planning and analysis;
  • Cash, investing, portfolio and debt management;
  • Insurance and risk management;
  • Processing accounts payable and receivable;
  • Financial statement preparation and reporting;
  • Payroll and benefit administration;
  • Administration of the District’s assets and liabilities; and
  • Information technology services.
Our Team

Colin Forsyth, Director of Finance,

Jean Finlay, Accounts Payable / Receivable Clerk,

Pamela Gaudry, Finance Technician,


We strive to fulfill Council’s values of being accountable and transparent, fair and compassionate, respectful and truthful, progressive and thoughtful, and work hard on your behalf.



Property Tax Information

To avoid a 10% penalty, payments must be received by 4:00 p.m. on the first business day in July, without exception. Property Tax Notices are mailed out by the end of May each year. Property owners are responsible for payment of their annual property taxes by the due date whether or not they receive a Property Tax Notice.

Payment Options


Mail your cheque or money order to District of Logan Lake, PO Box 190, Logan Lake, BC, V0K 1W0


Courier your cheque or money order to District of Logan Lake, 1 Opal Drive, Logan Lake, BC, V0K 1W0

In Person:

By cash, cheque, money order or debit card at Municipal Hall located at 1 Opal Drive, Logan Lake, BC

Internet / Telephone Banking:

Pay or prepay your property taxes via online or telephone banking through participating financial institutions. Property owners will need to add Logan Lake (District of) Tax as a bill payment. Your account number (7 to 11 digits) is the roll number assigned to your property located at the top left hand side of your Property Tax Notice.

Drop Box:

Drop off your cheque or money order in the Drop Box at Municipal Hall located at 1 Opal Drive, Logan Lake, BC.

Mortgage Holder

Many property owners arrange to have their property taxes paid by their Mortgage Company or Financial Institution. Please contact your mortgage holder for more information.

Please Note: Postmarks or courier dispatch dates will not be accepted as payment dates.

Home Owner Grants

The Home Owner Grant is a grant provided by the Province of BC to qualified property owners who occupy their residential property as their principal residence. It is the responsibility of the home owner to claim their grant each year and before the tax due date to avoid a 10% penalty.

You may qualify for the Basic Home Owner Grant if:

  • You are the registered owner, and
  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and ordinarily reside in British Columbia, and
  • You occupy the property as your principal residence.

You and your spouse together may qualify for only one grant on one residence in British Columbia in any one calendar year even if you live in separate residences (unless you are legally separated).

You may qualify for the Additional Home Owner Grant if:

  • You are 65 and over, or
  • You have a disability, or are the spouse or relative of a person with disabilities and that person resides in your home; you may be eligible for the disability grant.

You must require extensive physical assistance or costly modifications to the home to be eligible. Your doctor must complete the appropriate form to certify the disability.

There are two categories of grants:

  1. The Basic Grant may reduce your taxes up to $770
  2. The Additional Grant may reduce your taxes up to $1,045

How to Claim the Home Owner Grant:

  • Effective 2021 all home owner grant applications must be submitted directly to the BC Provincial Government through a secure online application;
  • Municipalities are NO longer accepting applications.  Program eligibility is unchanged;
  • In order to avoid penalties and interest, apply before the tax due date;
  • Homeowners can apply for their current year or their retroactive home owners grant online at;
  • If the homeowner would prefer to apply over the phone, they can call the contact centre toll-free at 1-888-355-2700 to speak with a live agent.
Property Tax Deferment

Tax deferment is a low interest loan program offered by the Province of BC that assists qualified BC homeowners to pay for their annual property taxes. There are two deferment programs that allow you to defer all or part of your unpaid current year residential or residential and farm, taxes on your principal residence after deduction of the home owner grant.

  1. Property Tax Deferment Program – To qualify you must be either 55 years or older, surviving spouse or disabled, and have at least 25% equity in your home based on your assessment.
  2. Families with Children – To qualify you must be supporting any children under the age of 18, or supports a child who attends an educational institution, or is a person with disabilities and has at least 15% equity in your home based on your assessment.

For more information on qualifying and applying for a Property Tax Deferment please contact the tax department at 250-523-6225 or visit the Province of BC website.

Permissive Property Tax Exemptions

A permissive tax exemption is a means for Council to support not for profit organizations which enhance the economic, social, and cultural quality of life within the community by providing exemptions to qualifying properties from property taxation. To be considered for a permissive tax exemption, properties must qualify under the provisions of the Community Charter and Council Policy.

  • Permissive Property Tax Exemption Policy and Application Form (see below)
Property Assessments

The BC Assessment Authority operates as an independent, provincial Crown corporation, governed by a Board of Directors that produces independent property assessments on an annual basis for all property owners in the province. The District uses this information as a basis for calculating its annual property taxes each year. If you disagree with your assessment and would like to appeal you must do so prior to January 31 in each year. If you would like more information on BC Assessment and/or the appeal process, please visit

Change Your Mailing Address

The District requires your correct mailing address to ensure all property owners receive their property tax notice. If your mailing address is incorrect please complete and sign the online Change of Address Form and send to your local BC Assessment Office located at:

BC Assessment Authority
805 Renfrew Ave.
Kamloops, BC V2B 3X3
Tel: (250) 376-6281
Fax: (250) 376-4032

Tax Certificates

Our Tax Certificates are conveniently available online through:

  • myLTSA Enterprise:  If you have an account, log in and from the main menu, select Service providers and Order Tax Certificates.  For more information about myLTSA or to become a customer, visit
  • BC Online: If you are already a customer of BC Online, log in and select Tax Certificates Online from the main menu.  For more information about BC Online or to become a customer, visit
  • APIC: If you prefer to pay for the tax certificate by credit card, please visit to open an account and order your Tax Certificate.
Colin Forsyth, Director of Finance District of Logan Lake
PO Box 190
#1 Opal Drive
Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0
250-523-6225 ext. 226
Fax: 250-523-6678

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