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District of Logan Lake Committee Meetings

Standing and Select Committees are defined in the Community Charter, Section 141 and 142 and governed by the District’s Council Procedures Bylaw 831, Section 10, click here.  To view Council's 2020 Committees and Other Appointments please click here.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees consist of a Chairperson and two other members of Council and are typically open to the public. Standing Committees are appointed annually by the Mayor and each Standing Committee establishes an annual schedule of meetings.

To view the schedule for all Standing and Select Committee meetings, please click here:

As per Provincial Health Officer Order regarding gatherings and events, Public attendance at any meetings of Council is currently prohibited.  Meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

  • Economic Development and Community Services Committee

Meeting Schedule for 2021

  • Executive, Policy, and Relationship Building Committee

- Meeting scheduled as needed, Please click here to view agendas and minutes from prior years

  • Public Works, Parks and Recreation Committee

- Schedule of Meetings for 2021


Please click here to view agendas and minutes from prior years


      •  Inactive Committee Meetings

                    These are previous years committees.  Please click on the link if you wish to view previous agendas or minutes.


Select Committees

Select Committees are established and appointed by the Council for a special interest and to report their findings to the Council.  At least one member of a Select Committee must be a member of Council and these meetings are open to the public.

As per Provincial Health Officer Order regarding gatherings and events, Public attendance at any meetinghs of Council is currently prohibited.  Meetings will be held electronically until further notice.

To view the Select Committee meeting schedules, please click on the Select Committee below:

•  Lake Enhancement Working Group

       Lake Enhancement Working Group Schedule 

        Please check here for changes and click here to view the calendar.

Logan Lake 50th Anniversary Committee

         50th Anniversary Committee Schedule

         Please check here for changes and click here to view the calendar.


Committee Agendas

Agendas for Standing or Select Committee meetings are prepared and posted five days prior to the scheduled meeting. The deadline for public submissions to a Standing or Select Committee meeting is six days prior to the scheduled meeting and can be delivered to the Municipal Office at #1 Opal Drive, by mail at Box 190, Logan Lake, BC  V0K 1W0, by fax at 250.523.6678 or email to the Administrative Assistant at

To view Standing or Select Committee meeting Agendas, please click here

Committee Minutes

Minutes from Standing and Select Committee meetings are adopted at the following meeting and are not posted publicly until adopted (usually within one month).

To view Standing or Select Committee meeting minutes, please click here