Municipal Hall

Welcome to the District of Logan Lake, your local municipal government. Logan Lake was incorporated as a Village in 1970 and then as a District municipality in 1983

The District is governed by an elected Council consisting of a Mayor and six Councillors. All members of Council are elected by local government elections held every three years, on the third Saturday in November. The next local government election will be held on Saturday, October, 2018.

The role of your elected Council is to provide municipal services (i.e. water and sewer utilities; solid waste and recycling; streets and roads paving, traffic control, street lighting, sweeping, snow removal and ongoing road maintenance; fire service and prevention; land use planning, regulation and building inspection; parks and playgrounds; licensing; and bylaw enforcement) and set strategic goals that provide good governance and high quality services to the community.

To ensure that strategic goals are effectively carried out, Council has a Chief Administrative Officer, (Randy Lambright) for the overall management and operation of the District. The District's management team also includes the Corporate Officer (Position Vacant), Director of Finance (Colin Forsyth), Fire Chief / Emergency Coordinator (Dan Leighton) and Public Works Superintendent (Jeff Carter).  For information on each department, please click on the appropriate link: Corporate Administration, Finance, Fire Rescue, Municipal Emergency Program, Public Works Department.


Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, except holidays